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Vi kommer att behöva fodervärd till våren/sommaren 2018

Har ni ett aktivt och kärleksfullt hem att erbjuda =)

Vi lägger stor vikt på samarbete.

Väger tungt om ni bor i närheten av oss (Värmland)

Ni får gärna vara intresserade av utställning.

Bra med lite kunskap om rasen.

Har du/ni det hem vi söker??

Tveka inte att skicka iväg ett mejl och berätta om dig/er familj.

Automatiskt utkast


Soon, a few months have passed of the year. It has not happened so much, yet. Some heavy decision. But it is said that one becomes strong by his misfortunes. We have a lot to look forward to. You risk nothing and you got nothing to lose. We are willing to take a chance without your stories.

So come on….

No one is better than others

New dog car

A new dogcar, was bought a while ago. Before we knew what we wanted. It took a while to look and think. But in the end we chose a Citroen Jumpy, diesel. We take an awful rides with the dogs. I felt that there must be room for the dogs and various things. So you can do basically whatever you want when you are away somewhere. The car was retrieved, it was now just stickers and dog cages that were taken. The actual pimp of the car, was a local printing firm. It was cruelly = D Now you can see we are on the road ……

The cages we built the aluminum. Guess if it went to a whole bunch of pop rivets. Dreamed almost on them at night. But good it was. So now there is space for four dogs and all the equipment you can think of, like with the roads.





On June 18, it was time for X-rays of the alembic. We X-Ray all our dogs approaching the age of two. To see that everything is right there. So we know if they are healthy or not.

Nervousness and anxiety for several days before it is due. You want so much that they will be healthy.

The day came and we went away, Alembic X-rayed …..

SKK R├╢ntgen-HD VD-2015-06-29-14_45_52-458 SKK R├╢ntgen-Armb Dx-2015-06-29-14_45_53-35 SKK R├╢ntgen-Armb Sin-2015-06-29-14_45_51-397

Whew, that looks good. But one can not shout hello before the Swedish kennel club, has made its assessment. It will take a few days bearings, the reading is made.

YES !! Alembic has A hips and is free  elbows. She also has no problems with her knees = D Happiness is the total <3

DSC_0093     DSC_0196

Under Construction

Welcome here, nice that you wanted to peek in. The page is under construction. While I try to teach me how to make a website =) Great things will happen on this side. So stay tuned and check back periodically =)